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Basic Avatars are completely free to create and use.

This tab will allow you to view all avatars you have created under this email account.
- The first avatar you create will be your "Master" avatar, this will be the avatar you will need to use to login to your avatar control panel which means the email address on file for this avatar will be used for all confirmation emails which will need to be sent in the event of any changes being made to your password and/or email address.
- Once logged into the control panel, you can create any number of additional avatars if you like.
- You can manage some settings for each avatar by clicking on the "Manage" button next to each avatar's name.
- If you would like to create a "New" avatar, please click the "Create New Avatar" button below.
- If you choose to change an email address, you will need to have access to the new email address as a confirmation email will be sent to that address. Once you click on the link in the confirmation email the email address will be changed to the newly changed email address.
- If you choose to change a password, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address on file. Once you click the link in this message, the password will be changed.

Tip1: Be sure to set a secret for each avatar as if the email address we have on file for you is not working, or no longer valid, you will need to provide proof of who you are. We will accept the secret word associated with your avatar as proof of ownership and can change the email address or password to one of your choosing. As such, you should take great care not to share this secret with anyone else unless you want them to be able to change things in your absence. We assume no risk if you do not protect your secret word, or if you choose to share with someone else.

Tip2: If you login to the virtual world and your avatar appears as a "Cloud", first try to "Rebake" your avatar by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R. If this does not correct the issue, make sure your avatar is wearing everything it needs. By default, each avatar requires a shape, a skin, eyes, hair, shirt, and pants. You can "Try" creating each item as new and wearing them, but this will create a "Ruth" like avatar appearance which often is not desired. You could also alternately visit the Welcome region and pick up a new "Look" with one of our free avatars. Simply click to obtain and then choose wear. If you still need help, please contact support and we'll be happy to help further.

Avatar Name Password Email Address Partner Status Last Login
Wix Wexnor ********** Mrs Wexnor Active 1-22-2019
Dex Wexnor ********** - Active 2-2-2019