My Waiting Messages

Welcome to the Messages Area!

This area will allow you to view undelivered in world messages.
- You can send another avatar a message using this area, but it will not be seen until they either logout and then log back in, check their messages in this control panel, or go to another region.
- You can delete an inworld message here if you choose, but by choosing to delete the message, it will not be delivered to you once you login.
- If your avatar has already reached the maximum number of offline messages allowed, when another user or scripted object tries to send you a new message it will fail. To correct this, login to the grid, or delete the messages here.
- Once you login to the grid, your "Waiting" offline messages will be delivered to your avatar. Once they have been delivered, or deleted here, they will be erased from our system and will no longer be shown here, or delivered to your avatar again.

Tip1: If you are experiencing issues trying to send or receive "Private" messages, meaning a direct message from your avatar to theirs, or from their avatar to yours, please request the regions be restarted where each avatar is located.

Tip2: If you are participating in a "Group" message where group chat is taking place and each time you send a message you see a message referring to being offline, please close the group chat and then reopen it and your issue will be solved.

Tip3: Offline messages are checked and sent each 5 minutes. If you should login before the message has been sent to your email, you will not receive the message as it will be deleted once you login and it is delivered to you in world.

Tip4: If you are not receiving offline messages to your email, please verify the option is checked in your viewer preferences. If you are receiving offline messages to your email, but would rather not, uncheck the option in your viewer preferences.

From Message Date/Time
Butch Arnold Hey! Where have you been? I need to show you something. 3/1/2019 - 11:43am
Dixie Chick Are you online? 3/4/2019 - 8:43pm
Dixie Chick Guess not.. Contact me when you get this? 3/4/2019 - 8:44pm