My Regions

Welcome to the Regions Area!

This area will allow you to view all regions owned by avatars under this account.
- You can manage some settings for each region by clicking on the "Manage" button next to each region's name.
- You can choose to restart a region by clicking on the "Restart" button next to the region's name.. (Please note: depending on the amount of content in your region, the restart may happen very quickly, or it may take some time. The more "Load" your region presents to the server, the longer it will take to be online and ready for your use after restarting.)
- You can choose a "New" location on the map in which to move your region, but by default you will have to choose a location which is at least 3 spaces away from any region you do not own. Permission from the other land owner is needed to place it closer, or to connect your region to a region which is not owned by you and this can only be done by an administrator.
- If you choose to change the Physics engine, BE WARNED!!! Some scripted items may no longer function as they should due to the differences between the physics engines.

Tip1: By default, your region will be using a high resolution map tile, but changing your region to use a low resolution tile instead will allow it to restart faster as it doesn't take as much time to create the maptile.

Tip2: If you would like another person besides you to be able to restart your region, simply add them to the estate the region is in as an "Estate Manager".

Region Name Estate Owning Avatar Prim Capacity Physics Engine Hypergrid On/Off Size Created Status
Wix Town Wexnor Estate Wix Wexnor 16K Bullet On 2x2 Var 1-22-2019 Active
Dextors Dex Estate Dex Wexnor 30k ubODE Off 4x4 Var 2-2-2019 Active