My Servers

Welcome to the Servers Area!

This area will allow you to view all of your servers.
- You can manage some settings for each server by clicking on the "Manage" button next to each server's name.
- You can add new regions, delete existing regions, disable a region, re-enable a region, view info/statistics about your server, order another server, request a server to be removed from your account, ban/unban a user from the server, restart all regions on the server, shutdown all regions on the server, send a message to all users in each region on a server, "Kick", or "Remove" a user from a server, View Users in each region on this server, ban/unban an entire grid on your server. (Please Note: Banning a user and/or grid only works on your server and this will not ban a user on the entire grid. If you unban a user or grid on your server, but the grid owner still has a ban in place, the user/grid will still be banned. All bans placed by the grid owner take precedence over server based bans.)

Tip1: You will only be permitted to add a region if there are enough resources available on the server to do so. If placing a new region would place the server in jeapordy of using too many resources, the addition of the new region will not be permitted.

Tip2: Please keep in mind, as the amount of content in a region grows, the amount of resources it will consume will increase as well. You should always monitor your servers to ensure there are enough resources to handle an influx of avatars, or a "Runaway" script. If you fill a server to capacity with lightly loaded regions and the amount of resources needed on the server grows, if there should come a time when the server is in danger of running out of resources, the server will automatically start shutting down and disabling regions to protect itself from a crash. Regions using the most resources will be shutdown/disabled first in order to keep as many regions online as possible. If a region should have a runaway script, it is possible it could cause all regions on the server to be shutdown/disabled, leaving no regions running on the server at all. Each time a region is disabled/shutdown by the server, an email message will be sent to the email address on file to let you know. Keep in mind, in the event of a runaway script, this could mean you might receive a number of email messages equal to the number of regions on the server.

Server IP Status Number of Regions Used Ram Max Ram Create Date Online 28 28.2gb 32gb 11-21-2018 Online 22 19.5gb 32gb 9-13-2018